About Us


Hello, my name is Lilith JetSun and I AM your host! I am fully dedicated to running this u"ndergrn'd w-hole houz. We have remo(ld)d the structure housing to houzus@ll. If you can live in a truely home setting and be blood without sharing blood.... you've come HOME, AND WELCOME!


We are a clean space, mary-jane is always welsome(d), gouptherapy is always in session, friend's mean you well, cause they know karma karmakrmacamelion is a nasty gal. 


myPatch.org is a stepping stone to your legacy. We are here to help in the EoT = "education of things". Creating interactive smart environments to optimize the potential for income from daily tasks. Work smarter, not harder. Interact with the IoT = "internet of things". We will design your space for the OPTIMUM comfort, income potential, style and theme.